Empaths – you know who you are

Empaths – you know who you are

You must be exhausted…

All your life you’ve been told that “You’re too sensitive; you take things too seriously; you’re an emotional sponge.”

You wear your emotions on your sleeve and never understood why things hurt you so much and why you get so upset. You couldn’t let things go and spent days thinking and thinking about them.

As a kid, you never fit in. You had to dumb yourself down at school or work in attempt to fit in. You felt weird, different, defective, and inferior due to your sensitivities.

It’s taken you a long time to realize what’s “wrong”.

And what’s wrong is: you are right.

When you have a bad feeling about something or someone, or suspect foul play, you’re right on point 99% of the time. You’re uneasy around some people, not know why. You know when someone is being dishonest. You know when your partner is cheating on you (or the partner of your best friend).

“Paranoia?”, people would ask, while rolling their eyes. More like an accurate gut feeling!

Nothing gets by you.

This causes you to struggle with being taken advantage of, with self-esteem, with confusion and depression.

Your friends go to you for guidance and you can feel a situation without even knowing the other people involved.

You’re nods and empathy now feel a little (or a lot) fake and forced and you’re starting to feel resentful.

You’re tired of feeling like you’re a prisoner trapped in the abundance of emotions that are overwhelming your insides.

You experience distressing volcanic emotional eruptions, floods, or meltdowns.

You get upset at the slightest thing, a look, a tone of voice, a comment which you know is a joke. Something that most people wouldn’t even blink an eye at will send you into an emotional spiral for hours. You get defensive and cry, which then leads to ruminating and feeling guilty and angry with yourself for getting upset.

Going into a shoe store where the employees work on commission is physically exhausting because you can feel their desperate need to sell.

You have a horrible time being in big crowds and parties and do so much better one-on-one with people. You’ve thought all along that you’re just over-sensitive or, quite frankly, annoying – so you’d suck it up and try to make everyone happy – again!

You struggle to communicate with others unless they create a safe environment for your to do so, which requires them to have a strong understanding of you in the first place, so forget socializing at any sized gathering where you don’t know anyone.

It’s difficult for you to decipher what’s yours and what’s theirs.

You’re quick to mirror the mood of those around you.

You need a day between every day to recover from the day before and prepare for the day coming.

You feel like a burden.

You feel selfish for taking care of your own needs. It’s even difficult to acknowledge your need for solitude because it doesn’t seem as valid as a physical need.

Even though you have a strong spiritual practice and relationship with yourself, you still can’t handle the energy of others.

If you watch the news and see what’s going on in the world, you can find yourself home in bed for hours crying and physically nauseous. Your partner says your charity work is overboard and that you need to save some time and energy for yourself and STOP TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD.

After years of therapy, you’ve not gotten much more than “I’m sorry you feel that way” from various counselors.

I know it’s not easy to navigate this world with these gifts.

I know you feel the need to dumb down and numb out to fit in.

I know you can be ‘a lot for other people to handle’.

I know it takes a shit ton of self-esteem to show up as yourself.

Despite all of that, you want to be there for others without losing yourself in the process.

You want to share your intense feelings of joy and compassion and understanding with others.

Well, guess what?

Your sensitivity is actually your superpower.

You notice things that others miss.

You have an expansive capacity for deep relationships.

You’re a visionary leader.

You’re highly creative.

You can manifest like a mother-fucker. You’ve got a refined ability to turn ideas into something tangible.

And you crave to be understood.

Imagine being able to center yourself with each encounter, and remain calm, stable, and balanced.

You can learn to protect and conserve your energies and better understand your nature so that you are able to be your best self.

You can have spiritual, emotional, and physical freedom.

You can feel at home in your skin and powerful in the world.

You can no longer feel at the mercy of your environment but rather, can interact in a positive and loving way that doesn’t diminish yourself.

The good news is that counseling can help.

I can help.

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