Stress, Anxiety & Exhaustion

Stress, Anxiety & Exhaustion

“Hello darkness my old friend….” – Simon and Garfunkel

Oh, hey, you mean Anxiety? Yeah, that is an old, old friend.

You frequently awaken in the middle of the night and your mind “turns on “ and will not turn off. You run through the what-ifs and silly things your brain likes to run through at what feels like 100 mph. Friends say “it must be exhausting being in your head”.

Even with a full night’s sleep and stimulants like coffee, you still experience heavy fatigue during the day. It’s gotten to the point where it is difficult to get the energy for exercise or to go out for social gatherings. The fatigue seems to hit especially hard in the afternoon where you struggle to stay awake at times. The tiredness seems more “mental” than physical.

When you’re not tired, you occasionally get into this “fog” where it is difficult to focus on small details… almost like a dream experience. Or you get stuck in your head, ruminating on illogical thoughts.

You experience overthinking, chronic stress, worry, and constant self-concern on the daily.

You might even find yourself throttled into full-on panic attacks where you avoid meetings, freak out on the bus, and even feel panicky while standing in line to order your coffee.

Maybe you get uncontrollable anxiety whenever it’s time for a medical appointment or worse, a test or labs.

Perhaps you have had tremendous anxiety prior to job interviews over the past couple of years. For one reason or another when you go into interviews your heart seems to explode out of your chest, your hands sweat and your mind races a mile a minute.

Or maybe you work in the tech industry. Thinking critically and using technology all the time feeds your anxiety. But it’s part of your job.

You’ve had panic attacks where the adrenaline rushes just don’t stop, where you’ve been nauseated and unable to eat or drink for days on end, you’ve felt so short of breath it was like drowning above water, had the jitters and a lump in your throat. You feel like you’re going crazy.

The intense anxiety is stressful and exhausting.

You feel horrible, so you become afraid of how you feel, this in turn creates more of the unwanted feelings. Sound familiar? You can’t stop how you feel so you find yourself numbing out with eating, drinking or smoking alone and too much.

There’s always a shapeless cloud of fear in your head. Or you feel stuck in an alternate grayscale dream world where you’re alone and everyone else liveds in a nice world of color and happiness.

You’re not crazy.

You’re sick and tired of being controlled by your spiral of negative thoughts.

You’re so done with hearing all the “shoulds” in your head.

You’re probably here because your anxiety keeps you from doing anything substantial because you’re always scared your emotions will be triggered out of control.

You don’t want to live in fear like this anymore, but you don’t know what to do. All of your options require that you risk being triggered, and when that happens you can’t concentrate.

You’re determined to make a change in a long-lasting way this time.

Imagine having an active social life, great relationships, and a healthy body and a happy mind. Imagine going anywhere you want and have a lasting feeling of calm with you at all times.

When you worry or stress over things, it’s not the outside that needs to change, but more your perception of outside events.

You’ve probably heard about mindfulness and meditation, but where the hell do you start?

The magic bullet you’re looking for is INSIDE of yourself, it really fucking is! You have to take the time to search your soul. No music. Lights off. Just sit in your own space. Get comfy with yourself.

Imagine stepping outside of yourself and looking at what is going on inside you while you feel fear. You’re breathing and figuring out what is causing the anxiety and refocusing yourself on the present moment.

Imagine being able to focus more at work without worrying so much.

Imagine being able to enjoy your children and your partner without obsessing about the worst possible thing that could happen.

Imagine all those voices in your head telling you you’re not good enough have gone silent. All those symptoms you used to worry so much about don’t really happen anymore. You might still be a bit fatigued or foggy some days, but most of the time you’re energetic, present, and can confront new challenges with a sense of confidence you’ve never had. It’s been a few months since you’ve even given your anxiety a second thought. You know some of your symptoms might come back for a short spell every once in a while, but you’re not worried about them. You know exactly what to do when that happens, and that they’ll go away just as quickly as they came.

You can have a life that you may have never thought possible, free from fear. You can backpack solo through Europe. You can launch that skincare business. You can go back to school.

Your life can be calm, introspective, and thoughtful. You can become kinder and more loving.

You can also do that in the presence of a nice, experienced, and accessible therapist.

I can help.

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