Trauma-Informed, Expressive Arts Therapy
Creative Counseling for Finding Freedom

I help highly sensitive folks quiet their minds, define clear boundaries, and find joy again through imagination, creativity, and self-expression.

My clients suffered just like you. Despite being nurturing, patient, and having it all together on the surface – life is way harder than they let on.

Before they came to see me they were freaking out. They were also fed up, feeling they could not continue in the same way! They were sick of conforming, feeling like they needed to keep everyone else happy and content.

Their emotional intelligence promotes them to act as counselor to everyone around them because it’s all too easy for them to see what everyone else needs. However, this emotional intelligence also leads to challenges in work and relationship life as they find themselves consistently doing emotional labor for others.

Overwhelm, confusion, and loneliness permeated their day to day which only led to dampening their self-confidence.

They found themselves pushing others away despite knowing they “should” reach out for support. They said “no” to the activities that used to bring them joy: book club, dinner out with friends, mom’s group.

Before my clients came to see me, they felt crazy too, like their sensitivity had gone sideways. Even though they were exhausted, they still wanted to give and love and care for others in a genuine way that didn’t leave them depleted.

What feels like a nervous breakdown in the middle of your mom’s birthday party is actually your gift. Your ability to sense the feelings of others and to know what is not being said is your superpower.

You’re not crazy.

You too can move from exhausted to empowered.

Let’s do this. You don’t have to struggle alone.

You deserve a new beginning. Confidence and clarity aren’t out of reach.

Imagine your joy is limitless.

If you want to find your freedom too, I can help you get there.

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get straight on who you are and what you want

find more comfort and confidence in yourself

and leverage your sensitivity

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